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  • Age 6 - 9 month Sensory Box Subscription | 2 Boxes in Total | Every 3 Months - Sensory Box Surprise
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Sensory Box Surprise

Age 6 - 9 Months Sensory Box | Subscription - 2 Boxes in Total | Every 3 Months | Free Delivery | Or One-Time Purchase (Pay for 6-9 Month Box Only)

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  • Ideal for babies from 6 months
  • Downloadable sensory play guide
  • Available on subscription - To do this select 6-9 months onwards then choose either 2 payments every 3 months or full payment upfront.
  • Available to buy individually - To do this select one-time purchase instead of 6-9 months onwards. You will only receive one box. 

Open the award-winning 6-9 month box of sensory surprises with your baby, whether you're continuing the adventure from the 3-6 month sensory box or just starting the journey. Spending quality time together exploring activities such as reading stories, singing, chatting, and exploring exciting resources is a magnificent form of stimulation for a baby.

Our 6-9 month box will provide you with age-appropriate sensory resources to encourage this interaction and continue building on their personal development. Parents/carers will have access to a free downloadable sensory play guide detailing all the resources in the box, providing ideas on how they can be used and how they could support your baby's learning journey. Forget the hassle of figuring out which toys are ideal for your baby—we've done the research for you.

What surprises will be in the 6-9 month box?

Babies at this age are very intrigued with the world around them. They may show eagerness to learn and excitement upon encountering new sights and sounds. You might observe their interest in watching moving objects. Physically, they may confidently lie on their tummies, lifting their head and chest off the floor, and some may even start crawling. Their vision becomes stronger, allowing them to focus on smaller objects and attempt to manipulate them.

You may notice your baby banging objects together to create sounds, listening intently to the noises they produce. They might begin to vocalize words and babble, expanding their vocabulary. Babies may also imitate sounds and actions such as blowing raspberries, clapping, and waving hands. Additionally, they could start understanding simple commands and become more aware of their own feelings and sensitivities to unfamiliar people.

In the 6-9 month box, you'll find 6 resources. While not all resources may be identical to those in the pictures, they will be similar and aim to achieve the same learning outcomes. Explore further to discover what awaits in your 6-9 month box.

Stacking cups

Stacking cups will support babies in various ways:

- Developing fine motor skills through grasping and achieving.
- Motivating the use of both hands in coordinated motion.
- Enhancing eye tracking abilities.
- Introducing early recognition of shapes, space, and sizes.
- Encouraging knowledge of sound through manipulation.
- Promoting cognitive development.
- Enhancing understanding of cause and effect.

    Push along toys

    Push along toys will support babies in various ways:

    - Grip and refine their hand and fingers.
    - Enhance hand-eye coordination.
    - Promote cognitive development.
    - Motivate them to crawl.
    - Foster understanding of spatial awareness.
    - Improve balance and coordination.
    - Introduce positional language.

      Sensory Ball

      A sensory ball will support babies in various ways:

      - Enhancing hand-eye coordination.
      - Developing motor skills.
      - Strengthening core and balance.
      - Stimulating the sense of touch, grasping, and manipulating.
      - Fostering understanding of cause and effect.
      - Motivating crawling.
      - Supporting language skills.

        Touch and Feel Books, finger puppet books or Follow along song books

        Books support babies in various ways:

        - Stimulating excitement and curiosity.
        - Developing visual skills.
        - Fostering language development.
        - Enhancing attention development.
        - Improving fine motor skills.
        - Sparking imagination and creativity.
        - Promoting future literacy skills (print, letters, and sounds).
        - Cultivating a future love for stories.

          Activity Ball

          Activity balls support babies in various ways:

          - Enhancing cognitive development.
          - Fostering understanding of cause and effect.
          - Introducing knowledge of colors.
          - Providing opportunities for manipulation with a purpose.
          - Improving hand-eye coordination.
          - Developing balance and coordination.
          - Strengthening larger motor skills.
          - Introducing concepts of shape, space, and measure.


            Rainmakers support babies in various ways:

            - Developing music sensory motor skills.
            - Enhancing knowledge of rhythm and rhyme.
            - Providing visual stimulation.
            - Fostering understanding of cause and effect.
            - Encouraging creative thinking.
            - Developing fine and large motor skills.
            - Improving listening skills.

            *Note: You are solely responsible for determining if the contents in My Sensory Journey boxes are suitable for your child to play with each time they explore. You should always check products before every play experience and discard toys/resources that become damaged or worn. Always supervise closely and never leave your child unattended while they are playing with the items in this box. You must read the safety section in your parent guide before exploring the resources from the box. If you have trouble accessing the safety instructions, please contact us. By purchasing, you agree to Sensory Box Surprise Terms and Conditions.*

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 4 reviews
            Sensory Box

            This is our favourite from the subscription so far. Baby enjoys looking at the animals in her book & feeling the textures. She enjoys the wheels on the duck push along. She is reaching out on her tummy to move it along - Great for tummy time. The wooden activity ball goes everywhere with us :-)


            Great value I am keeping my box for Christmas for my little boy 😊

            Sensory box

            My great nephew is excited by the toys in this box. He particularly likes the activity ball & listening to the rainmaker. The stacking cups have been a bath time favourite. He enjoys touching the farm animal textured parts in his new book. The sensory ball is super, we have used it as a massage ball as well after reading the sensory play guide, great idea! We still play with the toys from our last two boxes.

            Emma Rooney
            Absolutely Gorgeous Gift for 6-9 month old

            Gorgeous resources, great value for money that came beautifully packaged. Thank you, my friends daughter loves playing with them.