Keep your child cool - Activity ideas

Keep your child cool - Activity ideas

It is warm outdoors. Are you asking yourself what can I do with my little ones to entertain them in the warm weather? 

An ice-lolly may help but what can you play with that will keep your child cool whilst supporting their learning journey? 

Why not fill up a water mat with freezing cold water to allow your little one to pat, and play. The cold water will help to cool down your baby but also a water mat is great for young babies to support tummy time experiences. For more information read our blog on the importance of tummy time. 


Fill up some ice moulds with water and freeze. Why not gather some favourite items and put them inside. Even coloured feathers or pom poms will create a great effect. Provide tools for your child to investigate the ice. Watch the ice melt. Talk about the science behind the activity. Ask your child questions to enable them to think and learn as they play. If you have a fidget toy (where you pop the areas out) Fill it with water and freeze. Your child can pop out the ice and explore the pieces.  

Get creative and make a story area to take some time out of the sunshine. Bonus if you have a teepee or UV proof tent otherwise why not make a den with blankets in a shaded area. You could even take the den indoors and provide a range of exciting children's story books. For young babies provide soft multi-sensory books or board books to keep them engaged. We have a range of Taf Toys tummy time books that can be explored, these include tactile pages, parts to open and shut, a mirror to gaze at themselves and a teething toy. Not sure what books to provide? Think about what your child's current interests are. Is it farm animals or a favourite show character like Peppa Pig? We sell a large range of traditional books, touch and feel books, sing along and many more. Check out our guidance on best books to read with children and the benefits this has on a child's development. 

Puppets are a wonderful resource to add to story time or any kind of play activity. They will bring out the creative side in children and enhance their imagination. We sells a variety of The Puppet Company; finger puppets, hand puppets, song mits, traditional story sets and many more. Perfect for all ages, plus sustainable and will be used throughout a child's early years and beyond. 

Go on a lovely walk in a shaded park or woodland area. We stock the range of 3 in 1 books that can be attached to a buggy. Perfect to go on a walk in a shaded area whilst keeping a young baby entertained. Why not go on a bug hunt? It is an exciting and educational activity to explore and learn about the world around them. You do not need any resources to participate in a bug hunt. Lots of talking and investigating together is more than sufficient. If you do want to purchase a great set to go on a hunt or to use in your garden area, The Bigjigs Toys Explorer set is ideal. The kit even comes with an explorers hat to keep their head and face shaded plus adds to the adventure, like a true explorer!


Water and sand play is always a hit with most children of all ages. This creative play activity can be adapted to suit a child's age and stage of development. You do not need to buy anything, just find anything in the house a child can use to tip, pour, fill, empty and mould with.You do not have a tray? No problem, find tubs or place a mat down and pile the sand down on the mat or if you do not mind mess, put it on the floor. Looking for something to purchase? The Viking Toys mini chubbie vehicle set are made for sand & water play. Even better, they are dishwasher safe!!

When it is very hot and you need some indoor time why not run a cool bath for your child? Doing so will give them time out, cool them down, plus they will have lots of fun! There are many bath toys you can explore in the bath, stacking cups always go down well, they can stack, tip, pour, as well as, watch and catch the water trickle through the holes. Go fishing with the Infantino Fishing Fun Activity Set. You will find many tipping and pouring utensils in your house or you can sing songs, create your own stories or just sit back and watch your child learn whilst exploring in the water. If you want to really jazz bath time up, the Munchkin Colour Buddies Bath Bomb and Toys are just what you are looking for. For young babies bath time experiences, The Tikiri Natural Rubber Rattle and Bath Toy collection are ideal. Also can be used as a teething toys. 

Go to the swimming baths. There may be a lot of families joining you in the warm weather. Swimming is a great activity for children and a much needed life skill. Go on your local council website to find out what sessions are available at your local swimming baths. 

My Sensory Journey Subscription provides sensory toys for a baby throughout their first year. The box of goodies are delivered every three months along with a play guide to support parents with their child's learning journey. These boxes can also be purchased individually. You can take these boxes outdoors to a shaded area and explore with your little one. Many of the toys can be used in the water to help keep your baby cool throughout those hot months. Let us do the research for you.     


Enjoy the warm weather with your children but remember it is important to take time out when it gets too hot. Find shaded areas and always ensure your child is wearing suncream and a hat. Take a look at the extreme heat safety tips from Save the Children for further advice. 

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