About Us


With over 20 years of hands-on experience working with babies and children, I initially began my journey in a baby unit before pursuing a degree in Early Years Education. This foundation led me to attain Professional Status in Education, during which I honed my skills in managing a childcare business, ensuring its consistent excellence. Throughout my career, I've enjoyed  every moment spent supporting children and families along their educational paths, alongside a dedicated team of colleagues who shared invaluable experiences and knowledge.
In early 2021, I welcomed my daughter into the world. Through the joy of parenthood, I realised the significance of applying the knowledge and expertise I had acquired to provide my daughter  with enriching sensory stimulation experiences. As friends sought advice on play and developmental support for their newborns, I recognised the opportunity to share my insights and offer families age-appropriate resources tailored to their child's stage of development. Thus, during my maternity leave, the journey of Sensory Box Surprise commenced. My aspiration is to extend the joy of bonding and learning to other families, ensuring that every child experiences the wonders of sensory exploration and growth in a nurturing environment.