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  • Age 3 - 6 months Sensory Box Subscription | 3 Boxes in Total | Every 3 Months - Sensory Box Surprise
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Sensory Box Surprise

Age 3 - 6 Months Sensory Box | Subscription - 3 Boxes in Total | Every 3 Months | Free Delivery | Or One-Time Purchase (Pay for 3-6 Month Box Only)

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  •  Ideal for babies from 3 months
  • Downloadable sensory play guide
  • Available on subscription - To do this select 3-6 months onwards then choose either 3 payments every 3 months or full payment upfront.
  • Available to buy individually - To do this select one-time purchase instead of 3-6 months onwards. You will only receive one box. 

Open the award-winning 3-6 month box of sensory surprises with your baby, whether you're continuing the adventure from the 0-3 box or just starting the My Sensory Journey Subscription. Spending quality time together exploring activities such as reading stories, singing, chatting, and discovering exciting resources is a magnificent form of stimulation for your baby. Explore our blog to learn more about the benefits of reading with babies.

Our 3-6 month box provides age-appropriate sensory resources to encourage this interaction and further enhance your baby's development. Parents/carers will have access to a free downloadable sensory play guide detailing all the resources in the box, providing ideas on how to use them and how they can support your baby's learning journey. Forget the hassle of figuring out which toys are ideal for your baby—we've done the research for you.

What surprises await in the 3-6 month box?

Research indicates that babies in this age group are becoming more aware of their surroundings, showing increased mobility, and responding more to their families. They may express emotions through sounds, giggles, and signs, as well as respond to language and gestures from others. Babies may begin to move from side to side, roll onto their tummy, and attempt to lift their heads. Some may even push their legs to stand while being held or try to sit up with support. During this stage, babies may gaze at toys for longer periods, grasp resources more effectively, and create desired effects.

Babies learn about their environment through sensory exploration. Playing games like peekaboo with the resources in the box can encourage curiosity, capture their attention, and create excitement. As babies' colour recognition develops and their vision becomes less blurred, introducing more colorful resources is recommended. A sensory-rich environment can attract their attention and enhance excitement during this phase of their learning journey.

The 3-6 month box contains six resources. While not all resources may be identical to those pictured, they are similar and designed to achieve the same learning outcomes. Explore further to discover what awaits in your 3-6 month box.

Rainbow bell

The Rainbow Rattle is designed to support babies in various ways:

- Developing listening and attention skills.
- Understanding cause and effect.
- Providing tactile stimulation.
- Enhancing grasping skills.
- Creating a variety of sounds.
- Promoting cognitive development.
- Improving hand-eye coordination.
- Allowing babies to express themselves and build resilience.


    Mirrors can support a baby's development in various ways:

    - Enhancing their visual sense.
    - Facilitating early recognition of themselves and others.
    - Allowing them to track movement through reflection.
    - Improving hand-eye coordination.
    - Developing fine motor skills.
    - Strengthening core and larger motor skills.
    - Fostering language and communication skills.
    - Promoting emotional well-being.
    - Enhancing attention skills.

      Water Pat Play Mat

      The mat can support a baby's development in various ways:

      - Enhancing fine motor skills.
      - Strengthening larger motor skills.
      - Improving hand-eye coordination.
      - Strengthening core and balance.
      - Developing tracking skills.
      - Promoting understanding of cause and effect.
      - Fostering cognitive development.


        The maraca will support babies in various ways:

        - Encouraging passing from hand to hand.
        - Creating a desired effect.
        - Exploring different sounds.
        - Developing a sense of rhythm.
        - Manipulating the maraca using their fine motor skills.
        - Supporting attention skills.

          Crinkly sounds cloth books, touch and Feel Books, Follow along song books

          Books will support babies in various ways:

          - Developing vocabulary skills.
          - Enhancing listening and attention skills.
          - Improving hand-eye coordination.
          - Stimulating emerging vision.
          - Igniting excitement and curiosity.
          - Sparking imagination and creativity.
          - Supporting fine motor development.
          - Cultivating a love for stories.
          - Developing early literacy skills.

          Teething Toy

          The teething toy will support babies in various ways:

          - Developing fine motor skills.
          - Encouraging early color recognition.
          - Stimulating their sense of touch and grasping.
          - Supporting vision.
          - Improving hand-eye coordination.
          - Fostering cognitive development.
          - Enhancing language skills.
          - Sparking creativity.
          - Promoting problem-solving abilities.
          - Soothing sore gums.

            *Note: You are solely responsible for determining if the contents in My Sensory Journey boxes are suitable for your child to play with each time they explore. You should always check products before every play experience and discard toys/resources that become damaged or worn. Always supervise closely and never leave your child unattended while they are playing with the items in this box. You must read the safety section in your parent guide before exploring the resources from the box. If you have trouble accessing the safety instructions, please contact us. By purchasing, you agree to Sensory Box Surprise Terms and Conditions.*

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 5 reviews
            Clare Kershaw

            This was bought as a present for my cousins 3 month old. To say the whole family were impressed is an understatement. So looking forward to using these toys with their newborn and helping his brain development

            Exciting sensory box

            This is our 2nd box of the subscription. Baby is loving moving the soft rattle and the sound of the bells and maraca, they really capture her attention. I have learnt lots from the guide! Really interesting.

            Rachael Harrison
            subscription box

            My great nephew loves the book in his new sensory box. It's light, textured and creates sounds when he plays with it. He loves watching himself in the big mirror. He plays in the bath with it too. This box is noisier with the bells and maraca. He is loving it. Thanks guys.

            India holmes
            Fantastic box

            I bought this box for my sister she was over the moon because she didn’t have any toys for the baby. The guide to them is so helpful. This is a fantastic present for any new Mum.

            Mrs F
            Great quality sensory items!

            Such a brilliant set of sensory items that my baby boy adores. The items have been a lovely way to engage and play with him. The quality of all the items are great and I love that there is a guide provided to help with his development. I would definitely recommend and would love to buy this as a gift for a new expecting mum.