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  • Age 9 - 12 month Sensory Box Subscription | Not Sold Separately | Available on Subscription - Sensory Box Surprise
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Sensory Box Surprise

Age 9 - 12 Months Sensory Box | 1 Box in Total | Free Delivery | One-Time Purchase (Receive One Box Only)

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  • Ideal for babies from 9 months
  • Downloadable sensory play guide
  • Available to buy individually - Just add to cart
  • This can also be purchased as part of My Sensory Journey Subscription but this box is the last one in our subscription. You will only receive one box. 

Explore the award-winning 9-12 month box of sensory surprises with your baby. Whether you're continuing the journey from the 6-9 month box or just starting anew, spending quality time together engaging in activities such as reading stories, singing, chatting, and exploring exciting resources is an excellent form of stimulation for your baby.
Our 9-12 month box is carefully curated with age-appropriate sensory resources to support your baby's development. Parents and caregivers will have access to a free downloadable sensory play guide covering all the resources in the box. This guide offers ideas on how to use the resources effectively to support your baby's learning journey. Forget the hassle of figuring out which toys are ideal for your baby—we've done the research for you.

Discover the Surprises in the 9-12 Month Box

At this stage, your baby may be mastering new skills and achieving significant milestones. They might be crawling, pulling themselves up onto furniture, and even attempting to take their first steps. Encouraging various physical positions such as sitting to play, lying down, and standing with support can help strengthen their balance and motor skills, paving the way for walking. Additionally, babies are becoming more aware of the world around them, with their vocabulary expanding to include simple words like 'Mama' and 'Dada.' They may also understand more commands and engage in communication through babbling, sounds, words, and gestures. Your baby is likely to enjoy activities like taking things out and putting them back, indicating their preferences and dislikes. Furthermore, they may show excitement for music and sounds, displaying their preferences through movements and reactions.
Our 9-12 month box contains six carefully selected resources. While they may not be identical to the ones pictured, they are designed to achieve the same learning outcomes. Explore further to uncover what awaits in your 9-12 month box.


Our puzzle resources are designed to aid in:

-Developing language skills
- Improving hand-eye coordination
- Fostering cognitive development
- Introducing early concepts of shape, space, and measurement
- Understanding cause and effect relationships
- Enhancing counting skills


     Instruments will support babies in various ways:
    - Developing sensory motor skills through music
    - Providing visual stimulation
    - Fostering creative thinking
    - Building knowledge of sounds and rhythm
    - Enhancing motor skills
    - Improving balance and coordination

    Shape sorting /stacking resources

    Sorting toys will support babies in various ways:

    - Developing cognitive abilities
    - Enhancing problem-solving skills
    - Learning counting concepts
    - Understanding cause and effect relationships
    - Improving fine motor skills
    - Enhancing hand-eye coordination
    - Increasing awareness of shape, size, and colour        
    - Developing an understanding of mathematical language


    Bath Toys - Bath toys will support babies;

    - Manipulation skills 
    - To explore the water 
    - Colour recognition
    - Hand eye coordination
    - Early recognition of shape, space and measure 
    - Language development 
    - Concentration skills

      Board Book (Finger puppet, singalong, feel and touch and many more) - Books will support babies;
      - Listening and attentions skills
      - To broaden their vocabulary
      - Fine motor skills 
      - Understanding and knowledge of the world 
      - Literacy skills (Print, letters and sounds)
      - Creativity and imagination

         Triangle Twister - Triangle Twister will support your babies;

        - Fine motor skills 
        - Hand eye coordination 
        - Cognitive development 
        - Problem solving skills 
        - Early understanding of shape, space and measure 
        - Creativity 
        - Vision 
        - Colour recognition 
        - Concentration skills


        *Note: You are solely responsible for determining if the contents in My Sensory Journey boxes are suitable for your child to play with each time they explore. You should always check products before every play experience and discard toys/resources that become damaged or worn. Always supervise closely and never leave your child unattended while they are playing with the items in this box. You must read the safety section in your parent guide before exploring the resources from the box. If you have trouble accessing the safety instructions, please contact us. By purchasing, you agree to Sensory Box Surprise Terms and Conditions.*

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 3 reviews
        Subscription - Great service

        We have enjoyed the sensory toys over the last year. Thanks for helping us stimulate our baby. Great quality toys and we have really enjoyed all the books. We will continue to use everything. Highly recommend.

        Rachael Harrison

        We received our last box of the subscription. It has been great for our baby to play with the toys. We have not needed any other toys over the last year. We are gutted this is the last box. Please can you extend the subscription? we would continue buying! Thanks for helping our baby learn & grow with your thought out sensory toys.

        Luke Walker
        9-12 month box

        Received our box. Beautifully presented and with an array of gorgeous development toys inside. We’ got the box over a week ago and out little one is still playing with the goodies! A great box to buy for your own little one or as a gift for for friends and family’s little ones. Seemed really good value and high quality items.