Build a Children's Gift Box - 18 Months Plus

Build a Children's Gift Box - 18 Months Plus

Build your own 2nd or 3rd birthday box for your little one or send a box directly to a loved one. There is an option to add a handwritten birthday card to send out in the box. The box will contain age appropriate toys and resources to excite a baby and support their development. Please ensure to check age ratings of all the products when creating your box. Gift wrapping is available to purchase at checkout. The price of the birthday box will vary depending on the bundle you build. 

Building your box

There are 4 sections to select.  In each section choose one or more product you would like to add to your bundle. If you do not wish to purchase from one or more of the sections then select the 'No Items From This Section box'. Once you have selected all 4 choices you can add the birthday bundle to the cart. If you have selected a gift card, it will ask you to write a personal message. Please ensure the spelling is correct as we will copy the exact message sent to us. If you choose to purchase a card but wish to write your own message, please state 'Leave blank' in the gift note section when it appears on the screen. You will be given the option to complete a free, handwritten gift note. If you do not wish to send one then please write 'No' in the gift note box when it appears. Once you have built your box, the goodies will be wrapped in tissue paper, packed into the box and sent out to the delivery address. Postage fee will be added at checkout. 

Please Note:

*You are solely responsible for determining if the contents in Sensory Box Surprise are suitable for your child to play with each time they explore. Always use close supervision while your child is playing with the items in this box. Never leave a child unattended when playing with the resources and toys from the box. By purchasing, you agree to Sensory Box Surprise Terms and Conditions*

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