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Why Are Black & White Toys Best For Young Babies?

Why are black and white toys best for young babies?

There are many types of black and white toys for sale or you may see them advertised as high contrast or monochrome toys. It is a minefield when you are looking and researching for what toys to explore to benefit a baby's development at a young age but it really is beneficial. I remember the first time I showed my daughter light and dark contrasting coloured flashcards. Her eyes seemed to widen with excitement. She was completely engaged and focused on the high contrast colours/image. I could almost see her little brain working away. Why contrast colours? 

Baby's Vision 

Did you know that when your baby is born their vision is blurred, fuzzy and their eyes are sensitive to bright lights? In those first few months you will likely notice if the light is bright your baby will wobble their head and squint their eyes as they try to focus so try to communicate when the light isn't too bright for them. 

 At birth the eye is around three quarters the size of an adults. In your baby's first 6 months of life the six muscles surrounding the eye develop. It is quite usual for a baby’s eyes to seem uncoordinated in the first few weeks, as their visual coordination begins to develop. By the time your baby reaches one month old research suggests that they will usually be able to see from about 12inches away. 

Black and white toys

Dr Sears suggest that light and dark contrasting colours are purposeful because these images stimulate the development of the optic nerves and encourage young babies cognitive development. So communicating with your baby and showing them black and white contrast toys and objects will help to encourage focusing and strengthen their vision and brain development. Remember to lean in close to your baby when communicating and exploring whilst their vision is developing. 

How can you aid your baby's development in those early months?


With the research suggesting contrast black and white toys are purposeful to stimulate baby development from birth, why not go on an adventure of fun together, bonding with your baby whilst introducing them to a sensory experience in a simple and effective way to stimulate brain development with our award winning newborn sensory toys in the 0-3 Month Box. The exciting box makes a great baby shower gift or newborn present for a baby and their family.This box can be bought individually with a 20% discount. Use code BABY20 at check out. The resources can vary but all sensory toys will meet the same learning objective. In the box you will find 6 items along with a downloadable play guide;

  • Black & white duplicate flashcards 
  • High contrast sensory muslin 
  • Grey & white soft rattle
  • White texture blanket
  • Black & white hand puppet
  • Grey & white soft multi textured sensory ball

The award winning My Sensory Journey Subscription can also be purchased. The subscription is suitable for children 0-12 months. Boxes are delivered every 3 ,months. The subscription can be started at any age and stage of the subscription and cancelled at anytime, although we advise cancelling 7 days before a payment is due to be taken. Please see our subscription policy for further details.  All subscription boxes provide a downloadable Parent Sensory Play Guide which provides you with details regarding a baby's senses at their age and stage of development. It informs you of the different ways you can play with the resources to stimulate development but mostly having fun whilst bonding and learning. 


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