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  • Age 0 - 3 Months Sensory Box Subscription | 4 Boxes in Total | Every 3 Months - Sensory Box Surprise
  • Age 0 - 3 Months Sensory Box Subscription | 4 Boxes in Total | Every 3 Months - Sensory Box Surprise
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Sensory Box Surprise

Age 0 - 3 Months Sensory Box | Subscription - 4 Boxes in Total | Every 3 Months |Free Delivery | Or One-Time Purchase (Pay for 0-3 Month Box Only)

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  • Ideal for newborns
  • Downloadable sensory play guide
  • Available on subscription - To do this select My Sensory Journey subscription then choose either 4 payments every 3 months or full payment upfront.
  • Available to buy individually - To do this select one-time purchase instead of My Sensory Journey. You will only receive one box. 

Explore the award-winning 0-3 months sensory surprise box with your baby to embark on an exciting  journey of bonding and discovery. Engage in simple yet effective sensory experiences designed to stimulate your baby's brain development while enjoying precious moments together. Forget the hassle of figuring out which toys are ideal for your baby—we've done the research for you.

Immerse yourselves in activities such as reading stories, singing, chatting, and exploring sensory resources tailored for your baby's age. Our specially curated 0-3 months box provides you with the perfect tools to support your baby's milestones and enhance their learning experience.

Inside the box, you'll find age-appropriate sensory resources along with a downloadable sensory play guide packed with valuable developmental insights and suggestions on how to maximise the use of these resources in your baby's learning journey.

What wonders lie within this box?

Inside the box, you'll discover high-contrast black, white, or grey sensory items specifically curated for your young baby. Research suggests that these items serve as effective tools for stimulating optic nerve development. For more insights, delve into our blog on newborn baby vision. These resources not only foster cognitive development but also nurture language skills and holistic growth. Most importantly, they facilitate engagement between baby and caregiver.

The box contains six lightweight and soft resources tailored to support this developmental stage. While the resources may vary slightly from the images, they all achieve the same learning outcomes. Explore further to unveil what awaits in your 0-3 month box.


Designed to stimulate various aspects of your baby's development:

- Enhance visual tracking abilities by capturing attention with movement.
- Attract attention through gentle sounds.
- Develop auditory perception and rhythm recognition.
- Encourage reaching, grasping, and manipulation skills.
- Introduce the concept of cause and effect by shaking to produce sound.
- Facilitate tummy time experiences.
- Foster cognitive development.

    Flash cards 

    Tailored to aid in the following aspects of babies' development:

    - Enhancing emerging eyesight.
    - Fostering listening and attention skills.
    - Supporting language development.
    - Nurturing future literacy skills.
    - Facilitating memory development


    Tactile Blanket

    Feely blankets featuring high-contrast colours are designed to aid babies in the following ways:

    - Enhancing emerging vision.
    - Developing awareness of different textures.
    - Improving fine motor skills.
    - Supporting core and balance development.
    - Strengthening gross motor skills.

       Black/white/grey hand puppet 

      Hand puppets are designed to support babies in various ways:

      - Enhancing eye coordination.
      - Developing attention and listening skills.
      - Improving both fine and large motor skills.
      - Broadening language and communication development.
      - Stimulating imagination and creativity.
      - Promoting emotional well-being.
      - Building resilience.

        Soft, tactile, activity ball 

        Soft activity balls are crafted to support babies in the following ways:

        - Enhancing fine motor skills.
        - Developing large motor skills.
        - Supporting core and balance.
        - Improving hand-eye coordination.
        - Fostering concentration skills.
        - Stimulating cognitive development.

            High contrast sensory muslin 

            The sensory muslin cloth is designed to encourage:

            - Vision stimulation.
            - Early tracking skills.
            - Hand-eye coordination.
            - Cognitive development.
            - Curiosity stimulation.
            - Motor skills development.
            - Language development.

              *Note: You are solely responsible for determining if the contents in My Sensory Journey boxes are suitable for your child to play with each time they explore. You should always check products before every play experience and discard toys/resources that become damaged or worn. Always supervise closely and never leave your child unattended while they are playing with the items in this box. You must read the safety section in your parent guide before exploring the resources from the box. If you have trouble accessing the safety instructions, please contact us. By purchasing, you agree to Sensory Box Surprise Terms and Conditions.*

              Customer Reviews

              Based on 12 reviews
              Northern Monkey

              someone bought my partner this box as a newborn gift and it’s perfect....she's over the moon

              Great choice for babies!

              This is my 2nd box (3-6 months) and my baby so far is loving the box (especially the crinkle book and rattle toy). This is a great way to help with their development in a fun and stimulating way and the subscription model helps to cut out the time parents need to research. The guide in each box is really handy as well. Great communication, Sarah was able to resolve my queries in a timely manner. Thanks sensory box suprise!

              Sarah Williams
              The best purchase I've made in last 10 months!

              I signed up for the sensory box subscription at a baby and child show. Thought it would be a nice gift for my Grandson. The boxes have exceeded my expectations, and as an Early years teacher I'm hard to impress when it comes to child development resources. Each box has provided my grandson with developmentally appropriate toys. My daughter couldn't wait for the last box to arrive and I have lots of lovely videos of my grandson exploring his new toys. Definitely worth the money!

              Excellent Boxes

              We had the sensory box subscription which has been absolutely great. Really well thought out toys for each stage. Don’t need any other toys. Would highly recommend to others.

              Hayley Pearson
              Sensory Box Subscription

              The process from ordering through to delivery and quality of products was first class. The selection of toys are perfect for the twins. The range of toys are engaging, high quality and age appropriate. Thank you so much we will be ordering more in the future!